Other compulsory costs

As part of your fees you required to pay Student Services and Student Assistance levies, plus additional costs for course materials, equipment and field trips.

Calculate your fees

Use the fees and costs calculator—calculate your course fees, student levies and how much you’ll need to live in Wellington while you’re studying.

Student Services Levy

The levy is a contribution towards student support services delivered by and through Victoria University of Wellington to support and facilitate the best academic outcomes for all students. Refer to Appendix A in the Student Services Levy Policy for a full list of services.

Additional payment may be required to access some goods, services or amenities.

  • Full year of study: $780.00 (2018), $820.00 (2019)
  • One trimester of study (Study Abroad students only): $402 (2018), $425.00 (2019)

These fees include a Student Assistance Levy of NZ$24 (no GST) for 2018 and $27.60 for 2019. This levy is used to assist students suffering exceptional financial hardship.

For details regarding students who qualify for reduced Student Services Levy rates, refer to the Student Service Levy Policy or the Student Services Levy FAQs for a full list of services.

Additional costs

Some courses have additional costs for study materials, equipment and field trips. There are also additional costs, when ordering transcripts and replacement student ID cards.