Additional tutoring

Additional tutoring can be arranged and funded by the New Zealand Scholarship Programme but it’s not an automatic entitlement.

To find out if you’re eligible to apply, read page 28 of the Scholar Handbook. If you think you’re eligible, make an appointment to discuss tutoring with your International Student Office (ISO) adviser.

If scholarship funding for tutoring is approved, you’re entitled to a maximum of 30 hours of tutoring per calendar year. You’ll need to sign the tutor’s time sheet each time you meet to confirm the hours completed.

Before you apply

You should try all the University support services that are available, including:

If you still feel you need extra help after trying these options, then you can apply for additional tutoring funding.

How it works

If your ISO adviser doesn’t have an existing relationship with a tutor in your particular discipline, they’ll ask you to talk to your school or programme director to see if they can recommend a good tutor. (Often this is a senior student at your school.)

You and your tutor are expected to meet in person—a tutor is not a proofreader or someone who fixes your assignments and emails them to you (this would be plagiarism). However, a tutor may be a general ‘academic writing coach’ if your writing is the area you need help in.

How to apply

To apply for additional tutoring, contact your (ISO) adviser

To arrange a tutor:

  1. contact your ISO adviser. They’ll recommend a tutor they have on file, or you can give them the name and contact details of a tutor you have found and would like to work with (they’ll need to submit their CV)
  2. the ISO adviser will then set up a Casual Staff Contract with your tutor for an hourly rate of $30 (excluding holiday pay at 8 percent and KiwiSaver at 2 percent, which brings the eventual hourly rate to $33)
  3. the tutor will be advised of the total available hours—they won’t be paid for any hours above this total.