Overseas fieldwork travel application

The Overseas Fieldwork Travel form is for New Zealand Scholarship Programme postgraduate research students doing fieldwork at home.

Check pages 33 to 35 in the Scholar Handbook to check you meet the eligibility criteria for overseas fieldwork travel and the Postgraduate Research Allowance.

Contact your International Student Office (ISO) adviser for guidance on preparing your fieldwork plan to apply.

Submit your fieldwork plan and Overseas Fieldwork Travel Form two to three months in advance of your planned fieldwork. Your ISO adviser will assess your application and let you know the outcome.

Apply for travel for overseas fieldwork

Complete all parts of the Overseas Fieldwork Travel Form—this includes your official Overseas Fieldwork Plan, your request for the Postgraduate Research Allowance (NZ$1,000), and your Overseas Fieldwork Travel Booking.

Email your application to your ISO adviser, or leave a hard-copy submission in an envelope at Victoria International reception.

You’ll need to attach:

  • a letter from your supervisors in support of your fieldwork, signed by them
  • evidence of your Human Ethics Committee approval
  • a copy of your passport
  • a copy of your student visa.