Travel guidelines

Before applying to book any travel funded by your scholarship, read these guidelines.

Scholarship travel guidelines

These guidelines apply to any travel funded by your scholarship.

  • Airfares covered are for between an international airport in your home country and Wellington airport.
  • Airfares must be standard economy class on the most direct route possible.
  • On any scholarship-funded travel, you’ll still need to pay:
    • passport costs, including renewal of passports
    • transit visa fees for private stopovers
    • all stopover costs if your stopover is for longer than the absolute minimum time required
    • incidental travel costs, such as snacks, phone calls and taxi
    • unaccompanied and excess baggage
    • the cost of travel above the most direct and economical route
    • internal travel within your home country
    • all travel costs for any dependent family members who are accompanying you.
  • If your itinerary requires an unavoidable stopover en route, your scholarship will pay for overnight accommodation, food and transport between your hotel and the airport (if not covered by the airline).
  • Stopovers are not permitted unless they are on the most direct route to and from Wellington and are for a good reason (for example, a family visit). Any additional costs created by an approved stopover (for example, accommodation), will not be covered by the scholarship.
  • Any travel funded by your scholarship must be booked by your International Student Office (ISO) adviser.
  • Once booked by your ISO adviser, changes to your travel itinerary are not permitted.
  • If you must change your booking, you will have to pay for any extra costs.
  • You must ensure that you have adequate travel and health insurance for all parts of your trip (this is especially important for any fieldwork outside of New Zealand).

While studying in New Zealand, you must also pay travel costs associated with:

  • seminars, conferences, workshops or other similar events
  • daily travel costs to and from the University
  • daily travel costs to your practicum or any other workplace or institution you are attending as part of your studies.

Personal travel guidelines

These rules apply to any personally-funded travel.

  • You undertake private travel within New Zealand at your own expense.
  • Personal travel is not permitted during the trimester, only during the university holidays.
  • You must inform your ISO adviser before making any personal international travel.
  • You must be back in Wellington following any personal travel in time for the start of the next trimester.
  • If you are a research student (that is, not doing coursework) you are expected to continue studying during the holidays. Your ISO adviser and your research supervisor should be informed and approve of any personal international travel before you take it.
  • You must be able to ensure that any personal international travel will not negatively affect your studies.
  • You are responsible for upgrading your insurance to cover any personal international travel, to ensure you will have support in an emergency.