Preparing to return home

Get ready to return home by attending a reintegration briefing, booking your travel and updating your CV.

Once your studies are finished, you’ll take the knowledge and skills you gained during your New Zealand Scholarship Programme home to contribute to your country’s development.

Once you’ve completed your studies, you should:

  • read pages 40 to 42 of the Scholar Handbook
  • attend a reintegration briefing. This is a compulsory session with your International Student Office (ISO) adviser, to prepare you to return home. Your ISO adviser will send you an invitation via email before you’re due to complete your studies
  • apply for the Postgraduate Thesis Allowance if you haven’t already. You can’t claim any scholarship-related costs once you’ve departed New Zealand
  • book your departure travel. You must leave New Zealand within 14 days of your last exam, assignment or thesis submission
  • organise to send your belongings home. If you’ve acquired more things here in New Zealand that you can’t fit into your suitcase, you can book a cargo service to send the extras home. Check out Cargo Central, Pack and Send, XS Baggage or DHL for the best rates
  • update your CV and refresh your job interview skills. Check out Careers and Employment for more advice.
  • become an Alumni to stay in touch with friends and colleagues.

You may be able to attend graduation if it falls before you leave New Zealand—contact your ISO adviser to discuss.