There are dozens of scholarships available for international students at Victoria University.

Automatic $10,000 fees waiver Masters scholarship

The below programmes will have automatic $10,000 NZD scholarships for all international students who meet the course entry requirements.

Master of Conservation Biology
Duration: 12 months
Entry: B+ in a related Bachelor's degree
Master of International Trade
Duration: 12 months
Entry: B in any Bachelor’s degree
Master of Engineering Practice
Duration: 12 months
Entry: B+ in a related Bachelor’s degree

Creative practice scholarships

  • 4 x  $24,000 NZD scholarships and

  • 8 x $10,000 scholarships

Students don’t need to make a formal application for these scholarships either, because assessment is based on merit once we receive your application.

Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice)
Duration: 12 months
Entry: Related Bachelor’s degree

Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarships are awarded to ten high-achieving, well-rounded Latin American students each year. The $5000 scholarships are available to full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students at Victoria. Scholarship recipients who continue to do well in their students can get $5000 per year for up to 3 years of their studies.

Latin American $500 travel scholarship

If you are a new Latin American international student enrolling to study at Victoria, you will receive a $500 rebate towards your travel while you’re in New Zealand. Contact for more information.

Scholarships database

There are many scholarships available to students who meet the criteria. Search our scholarships database to find scholarships you can apply for.

To search for scholarships available to international students, select:

  1. select a 'level of study'
  2. select a 'subject area'
  3. select ‘international students’ in the awards for drop down list, and
  4. click the 'go' button to start your search.

You can download application forms from the database.

Information for students studying at Victoria on a New Zealand Aid scholarship.

If you have any questions, contact the Scholarships Office.