There are dozens of scholarships available for international students at Victoria University.

Featured scholarships

Automatic $10,000 fees waiver Masters' scholarship

The below programmes will have automatic $10,000 NZD scholarships for all international students who meet the course entry requirements.

Master of Conservation Biology
Duration: 12 months
Entry: B+ in a related Bachelor's degree
Master of International Trade
Duration: 12 months
Entry: B in any Bachelor’s degree

Master of Engineering Practice $10,000 Inaugural Fees Scholarship

Students don’t need to make a formal application for this scholarship. The scholarship is related to Part Three of the Master of Engineering Practice programme: Industrial Placement or Research and Development Project.

If a student takes up an industry placement it is expected that it will be paid and that payment will be deducted from the $10,000. If the payment is less, then the University will make up the difference. If a student does a Research and Development Project the $10,000 will be credited to their fees for the programme.

Creative Practice scholarships

  • 4 x  $24,000 NZD scholarships and

  • 8 x $10,000 scholarships

Students don’t need to make a formal application for these scholarships either, because assessment is based on merit once we receive your application.

Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice)
Duration: 12 months
Entry: Related Bachelor’s degree

More featured international scholarships

Scholarships database

There are many scholarships available to students who meet the criteria. Search our scholarships database to find scholarships you can apply for.

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You can download application forms from the database.

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