Credit transfer and exemptions

If you already have a tertiary-level qualification or part of one, you can apply for academic credit transfer or exemption at Victoria University of Wellington.

Academic credit transfer

If you’ve studied somewhere else at tertiary level, you might be able to credit some of those courses towards your degree at Victoria University of Wellington—this means you won’t have to do as many courses here to complete your degree.


If you’ve already completed a course somewhere else that’s equivalent to one of the prerequisites for a Victoria University of Wellington major or degree, you can apply for an exemption so you don’t have to take it again.

An exemption means you can substitute the class you’re exempt from for another. You won’t get any points towards your degree at Victoria University of Wellington.

Apply for credit transfer or exemptions

Tick the box on your application form to apply for credit transfer. You’ll need to provide:

  • an original academic transcript, signed and dated by the issuing institution, or a certified copy of the original, and
  • a detailed description of each course you studied
  • a portfolio of your work (undergraduate Architecture and Design students only).
  • Your application for credit transfer or exemptions will be individually assessed by your faculty—transfers and exemptions are given at their discretion. The assessment process usually takes between four and six weeks.