Point Zero hologram lights up The Atom

You may have noticed a new visual feature near the main entrance to Victoria Business School: a state of the art fan hologram that projects 3D images on a propeller spinning at 1100 RPM.

A profile shot of Chris Mather
Chris Mather, Founder & MD, Point Zero

This hologram is a collaboration between The Atom and Wellington-based company PointZero.

While PointZero founder and managing director Chris Mather was doing a BDI (Bachelor of Design Innovation) at Victoria, he took the opportunity to attend Victoria Entrepreneur Summer Bootcamp. Point Zero grew from the bootcamp and seed funding from Viclink to become a multinational success story–creating unique, inspiring experiences that help brands connect with audiences through digital technologies.

Along the way, Point Zero scored a number of technological firsts, including the world’s first interactive hologram, and their work with Wellington’s Malaghan Institute on visualizing cancer immunotherapy research.

Having learned a lot in the past few years, Mather is passionate about wanting “to help new businesses get on their feet and start solving global problems right here in Wellington”. He is now one of our Entrepreneurial Ambassadors.

You can see the hologram in action below, but to get the full effect you need to see it with your own eyes.