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  • Electricity Price Review protects the industry, not consumers

    The Electricity Price Review has produced its second report, outlining options for making electricity pricing more "fair".   Big corporates and their shareholders can sleep easy."Fairness", as conceived by the review panel, turns out to mean protection for the industry's asset values and profits against anything that might seriously break down its monopolistic stranglehold on residential consumers.

  • Drinking water linked to NZ cancer rates?

    Last year, a Danish study reported a link between nitrate in drinking water and the risk of developing colorectal (bowel) cancer. This finding could have important implications for New Zealanders.

  • The death of minor parties under MMP

    Minor parties were supposed to be a big part of politics under MMP, yet they are in serious decline. Bryce Edwards looks at the causes, and explains that The Opportunities Party will not buck the trend, as it looks to be tearing itself apart.