Seminar video: Investing for Wellbeing

View video of the seminar presentation on 29th May on 'Investing for wellbeing - the future of public investment management' by Tim Ng and Sam King from The Treasury

Government manages assets and liabilities - like schools and hospitals, our superannuation and accident compensation, our state highways and state-owned enterprises – on behalf of the people of New Zealand, which can be drawn on for raising wellbeing, now and into the future.

He Puna Hao Pātiki the Treasury’s 2018 Investment Statement appraises government assets and liabilities to ensure government is delivering public services needed today in ways which maximise value for money, and for sustainable, resilient and adaptable public finances that will support generations to come. How has the Treasury appraised assets’ contribution to wellbeing, and how are assets performing? What can be done to improve asset management practices? What are the barriers, and how can they be overcome?

Treasury Deputy Secretary and Chief Economic Adviser Tim Ng and Team Leader 2018 Investment Statement Sam King, discuss the findings of He Puna Hao Pātiki and the potential implications for the future of public asset and liability management.