Philosophy research student profiles

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Students are listed alphabetically under their respective programmes and degrees. 

Philosophy PhD candidates

Snita Ahir-Knight

Supervisors: Simon Keller and Nick Agar

Michael Gilchrist

Supervisors: Cei Maslen and Stuart Brock

Chiara Ferrario

Thesis title: 'Evolutionary significance of imitation and social learning in hominid lineage'.

Supervisors: Richard Joyce and Kim Sterelny

Johnny McDonald

Supervisors: Nick Agar and Ramon Das

Jorge Morales-Delgado

Supervisor: Ed Mares

Elizabeth Olsen

Supervisors: Ed Mares and Max Cresswell

Jonathan Pengelly

Thesis title: 'Protecting the Artificial Soul'

Supervisors: Nick Agar and Ramon Das

Philosophy MA students

Billie Berry

Thesis title: A philosophical study of autism

Supervisor: Ed Mares and Simon Keller

Lucy Campbell

Thesis title: 'Motivations for pursuing life extension technologies'

Supervisor: Nick Agar

Sophia Enright

Thesis title: 'I’m Different Online: An Account of Differences between Face-to-Face and Online Testimony'

Supervisor: Sondra Bacharach

Ushana Jayasuriya

Thesis title: 'Climate Justice and Non-Ideal Theory: Developed vs Developing States'

Supervisor: Ramon Das

Sean Johnson

Supervisor: Simon Keller

Benjamin Moore

Thesis title: 'Privacy and the Communitarian Self'

Supervisor: Ed Mares

Thomas Prout

Supervisor: Richard Joyce

Hannah Simpson

Thesis title: Epistemic injustice

Supervisors: Justin Systma and Sondra Bacharach

Melissa Snater

Supervisor: Justin Systma

Chrissy van Hulst

Thesis title: 'Realism and anti-realism about ordinary objects'

Supervisor: Stuart Brock

Toby Vandenberg

Supervisor: Ramon Das