Xavier Marquez


Teaching in 2018

Research interests

History of political thought, political philosophy and political theory, authoritarianism and dictatorship

Postgraduate coordinator (2011)


  • BS Duke
  • MA Northern Illinois
  • PhD Notre Dame


Xavier Márquez is a Lecturer in Political Theory. His recent research focuses on the history of political thought especially ancient Greek and Roman thought. He also has a strong interest in dictatorship, revolution, and other political pathologies

Current research

History of political thought (especially Ancient political thought). Xavier is especiallyinterested in Plato's political thought. He has completed a book on Plato's Statesman, looking specifically at how Plato understands the problem of the relationship between the political "expert" and the political community. He has also written on Cicero, Aristotle, and the theory of the mixed constitution in antiquity. Lately, his research has dealt with contemporary political theory; a recent publication discusses the thought of Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault with respect to the relationships among visibility, surveillance, and power.

Other research areas: Power and the state, democratic theory and the challenge of non-democratic thought, knowledge and politics, methodological issues in political theory, dictatorship and non-democracy.


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Work in progress

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Teaching in 2018