Kim Sterelny


BA PhD Sydney


Kim is an Australian in exile. In addition to philosophy, he spends his time eating curries, drinking red wine, snorkelling, bushwalking and birding.

He studied at Sydney University, and has taught philosophy at Sydney, ANU, Monash and La Trobe Universities in Australia, and at Simon Fraser, Caltech and the University of Maryland in America.

Kim now spends most of his time at the Philosophy Program, RSSS, Australian National University, but for the last few years and again this year he has taught a summer course at Victoria University of Wellington, and continues to supervise graduate students, through a mix of visits and e-mails.

Research areas

His main research interests are Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology and Philosophy of Mind.

Selected publications

Kim is the author, with James Maclaurin, of What is Biodiversity (2008) and Thought in a Hostile World (Blackwell, 2003) (which won the 2004 Lakatos Prize). His Nicod-Prize monograph, The Evolved Apprentice, will be published by MIT in 2011. In the more distant past his publications include The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays and, with Paul Griffiths, Sex and Death: An Introduction to Philosophy of Biology.

He is the editor of Biology and Philosophy, the main specialist journal of the philosophy of biology, and with Rob Wilson, of the MIT Press series, Life and Mind.

Other recent publications include

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Darwinism and its influences (with Ben Jeffares). To appear in Andrew Gardner, Mark Lake and Ulrike Sommer (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Theory.