NZ Political Studies Association 2018 Annual Conference

NZ Political Studies Association 2018 Annual Conference

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Event type: Conferences

26-28 Nov 2018 26th Nov 2018 28th Nov 2018

Rutherford House 5/23 Lambton Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011

The New Zealand Political Studies Association 2018 Conference will be hosted by the Political Science and International Relations Programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

Conference theme: "Representation and Responsibility"

Questions of representation and responsibility are common in politics: who speaks for whom? Who is responsible for what? How do we hold those who represent and govern us to their commitments? These questions are linked to the exercise of power both within and outside states, the purpose and limits of sovereignty, and the ethics of political action. Debates about the representation of indigenous people, women, migrants, and minorities are especially important in the current politics of representative democracies and postcolonial societies. And questions of responsibility for past and present injustice are salient in debates ranging from the “responsibility to protect” to climate change and global development. We encourage conference participants to reflect on the interplay of representation and responsibility in politics, including (but not exclusively) questions such as: what forms of representation promote the interests and values of disadvantaged groups? How do current patterns of representation affect important socio-economic and political outcomes? How do we distribute responsibility for solving local and global problems? What kinds of responsibilities do political leaders and citizens have for these problems? How do we keep our representatives and rulers accountable?

For more information see the NZPSA 2018 Victoria website, or the NZPSA website.