Philosophy seminars and events

Philosophy Programme seminars

The Philosophy Programme hosts a regular seminar series during Trimesters 1 and 2 with papers presented by visiting speakers and academic staff from within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Victoria. All are welcome to attend.

Ramon Das is the coordinator of the series for 2019.

All talks to be held Thursday from 2:10-4:00pm in MY 617 unless otherwise noted.

Trimester 2

18 July - Adriane Rini (Massey)

"Prior on What There Is"

19 July - Michael Morreau (University of the Arctic)

"Democracy Without Enlightenment"

  • Note: Seminar is on Friday from 1:10pm to 3:00pm.

25 July - Alkistis Elliot-Graves (University of Helsinki)

“Agreeing to Disagree: Pluralism About Optimal Model Complexity”

1 August - Alex Miller (Otago)

“Ecumenical Expressivism and the Frege-Geach Problem”

8 August - Monika Betzler (University of Munich)

"Inverse Akrasia: A Case for Reasoning about one's Emotions"

15 August - No Seminar

5 September - Daniel Simpson-Beck and Justin Sytsma (Victoria University)

"Simulating Metaethics

12 September - Dan Weijers (Waikato)

"Debunking the Deceived Businessman: A Belated Response to Das"

19 September - Simon Keller (Victoria University)


26 September - No Seminar

3 October - Jorge Morales-Delgado (Victoria University)


10 October - No Seminar

Trimester 1

7 March - Josh Glasgow (Sonoma State)

“Devaluing Importance”

8 March - Adina Roskies (Dartmouth)

“Neuroethics and Agency”

14 March - Amy Austin (VUW)

“Philosophy for Children: Democratic Pedagogy”

28 March - Noam Zohar (Bar Ilan Univ.)

“Debating Forced Medical Feeding: Israeli Responses to Hunger Strikes”

11 April - Bessie Olsen (VUW)

“What is logic about? Or what do teachers say logic is about?”

9 May - Karen Green (Melbourne)

“Catharine Maclaulay’s republicanism and contemporary democratic malaise”

16 May - Lisa Ellis (Otago)

"The Collective Implications of Discrete Decisions: Some Examples from Environmental Policy"

23 May - Ewan Kingston (Duke)

“Generalised Consumer Responsibility: A Critique”

30 May - Snita Ahir-Knight (VUW)

"Unruly behaviour: kids being kids or a mental disorder?"

6 June - Nomy Arpaly (Brown)

"Deliberation and Fetish"

We host various events throughout the year. There are currently no upcoming events, check for University wide events at Victoria Events.