The School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations offers world-class, research-based programmes across its four disciplines.

The programmes are taught by academic staff who are recognised, both locally and globally, as leaders in their respective fields.

Our graduates are able to think critically and creatively, and communicate and lead effectively.

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Find out how the past—and the way we think and talk about it—has created the world we live in today. Gain professional skills in research, writing, communication and problem solving.

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Available subjects

  • History
  • New Zealand Studies
  • Text Technologies


Consider questions about the nature of reality and the mind, ethical and artistic value, the structure of logical arguments, and even the meaning of life—while learning to develop and defend your own philosophical ideas.

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Available subjects

  • Philosophy

Politics and International Relations

Politics is all about power—who has it, how they got it, what they do with it and how they share it. Get the tools to analyse and understand the political motivations at the root of the events shaping our world.

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Available subjects

  • International Relations
  • Migration Studies
  • Political Science
  • Strategic Studies

2017 Post-Election Conference

Political Science Programme’s Dr Claire Timperley featured in Newsroom article on Victoria University’s 11th Post-Election Conference.

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Jacinda Ardern and school children at Victoria University's 2017 Post-Election Conference.
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