Health and Safety

Training - Specific Work Area

All staff must complete a Health and Safety induction with their manager and attend Victoria University's Health and Safety induction session, as a minimum.

It is important to ensure that all staff (including those who work part-time, casual, or are employed on a fixed-term agreement) have the opportunity to attend training courses. There are two options for arranging training:

  • Attendance at a scheduled training session.
  • Arranging for training to be held within and for individual schools, departments and central service units at their convenience.

Staff are encouraged to enroll in courses from the Safety and Risk Training Programme relevant to their role. Most of the training is done in-house, however, where particular expertise is required, specialist instructors will be contracted to do these courses. Courses on this programme are funded centrally, and some have prerequisites.

For general enquiries on training, please contact the Safety, Risk and Assurance team at

Training Courses

The 2019 Safety and Risk Training Programme will be avilable soon. In the meantime, you can view and register for the courses now available for staff via the Staff Development Calendar.

DocumentFile sizeFile type
2019 Safety, Risk and Emergency Training Programme 129 KB PDF
CourseInformationWho should attend
Victoria University's Health & Safety InductionEssential health and safety information about responsibilities, risk management, accident and incidents, emergency management and Wellness at Victoria.(2 hours)Compulsory for all new and transferred staff. Recommended two-yearly refresher for all current staff.
Safety and Risk Induction for ManagersThis is an essential course for those who have a responsibility for managing safety and risk under Victoria's Health and Safety Policy.  The session gives a comprehensive overview of Victoria's suite of safety and risk policies, procedures, responsibilities of managers and the support provided by Victoria's Safety, Risk and Assurance unit. (2 hours)All new, current and transferred managers, including Heads of Schools, Faculty Managers, Deputy and Assoicate Directors of CSUs, other Managers, Supervisors and and those carrying out or delivering health, safety  and risk management on behalf of these managers.
Risk Management at Victoria

Training is provided on the strategies and tools that are used to assess, control and review risks at Victoria. Specifically, the session focuses on how to use Victoria's Risk Management Procedure and Risk Register template to manage and report on all risks.     (2 hours)

Managers, team leaders, supervisors and those with responsibilities for managing risk or conducting risk assessments.
Fieldwork ProcedureThis workshop outlines the reponsibilities required of fieldwork leaders and their managers and goes through the steps involved in planning for fieldwork from a safety and wellbeing perspective. (1 hour)Heads of schools, managers, academic supervisors and those organising or leading field trips.
Accident and Incident Investigation ProcedureThe course provides an overview of who is responsible for carrying out accidnet and incident investigations at Victoria, and explains the purpose of investigations, how to carry them out and how to apply the findings to prevent future incidents. (1.5 hours)Managers, Health and Safety Representatives and Specialists, and anyone else involved in investigating H&S incidents.
Business Continuity PlanningThis workshop explains Victoria's Business Continuity Procedure. This includes how to examine potential areas of impact on your unit in a variety of scenarios, and what tools and support are available for developing and refining business continuity plans. (2 hours)Managers, team leaders, supervisors, and those with responsibility for managing risk or cnnducting risk assessments.
Health and Safety Representative InductionIntroduction to mechanisms that support staff engagement and assist Health and Safety Representatives in carrying out their role. Includes the Worker Engagement, Participation and Representative Scheme, audits, workplace inspections, participating in the Health and Safety Committee and the support provided by the Safety, Risk and Assurance unit. (2 hours)Elected Health and Safety Representatives, appointed representatives, safety specialists, and those interested in becoming a Health and Safety Representative.
Health and Safety Representative Initial TrainingExternal training that covers the role and functions of Health and Safety Representatives in NZ workplaces, and the skills required for Reps to promote a healthier place of work. Successful completion of the course attains US 29315, NZQA level 3. (2 days) Elected and appointed Health and Safety Representatives who have not already completed Stage 1 + Transitional Training.
Emergency ResponseIntroduction to the emergency response procedures and resources at Victoria University. Topics include Victoria's emergency response structure, the Building cluster system and the emergency equipment stored on site, including the contents of the civil defence cabinets and building cluster kits. (1.5 hours)All staff who are interested in learning about the emergency response structure at Victoria, including those who would like to be involved with their local emergency response cluster, and those who want a refresher.  
Floor Warden TrainingThis course prepares floor wardens to respond to fire and other emergencies. Topics include evacuation procedures, basics of fire prevention, the duties of lfoor and building wardens, and the relationship between wardens and other campus response staff. (2 hours - 1 hour online and 1 hour workshop)All staff floor wardens.
Building Warden TrainingThis course prepares building wardens to respond to fire and other emergencies. Topics include evacuation procedures, basics of fire prevention, the duties of floor and building wardens, specifics around your building and the relationship between wardens and other campus response staff. (2 hours - 1 hour online and 1 hour face-to-face)All Building wardens and deputy building wardens.
Using a Fire Extinguisher How to safely use a portable fire extinguisher, understanding the different types of fire extinguishers, basics of fire prevention and precautions (2 hours).

Completion of Victoria's Health & Safety Induction after 2016 is a prerequisite.
All staff. Priority will be given to staff members in higher-risk environments.
First Aid Level 1Comprehensive Level 1 First Aid course, including CPR (9 hours).

Completion of Victoria's Health & Safety Induction after 2016 is a prerequisite.
All staff where first aid is either a requirement of their role, or where there is no other first aider already present. Priority will be given to staff members in high-risk environments. 
First Aid RefresherRefresher course to maintain First Aid certificate. The course has a practical focus to reacquaint participants with first aid equipment and techniques. (7 hours)All staff with a certificate that is due for renewal (every 2 years).
Outdoor First Aid

This course builds on basic first aid training to consider how it can be applied in an outdoor environment. Content includes recapping on scene management, treatment for common ailments and focuses on the decisions that need to be made when help is not immediately available. (4 hours)

Current First Aid level 1 certificate is a prerequisite.

Staff performing fieldwork and/or leading others on fieldwork in remote environments
Defensive DrivingClassroom based training on identifying and managing risks pertaining to driving and operation of a motor vehicle. (2 hours)

This colurse is run on an as needed basis. Please contact to discuss arrangements.
All staff who drive University vehicles.
Movement at WorkUnderstanding correct and applicable lifting techniques and good body posture. (1.5 hours)

Please contact to discuss arrangements
All staff including Early childcare, Campus Care, ITS, Library staff, all administrators and any staff who have manual handling in their job.