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All contractors and subcontractors who work on University campuses or premises - as in a construction project, repairs and maintenance project or a service agreement - are required to attend a Health and Safety contractor induction for Victoria. The induction authorises contractors and subcontractors to work on University premises for 12 months. After the 12 months has expired, and contractors and subcontractors need to continue working on University premises, they all need to attend the University's contractor induction session for a re-fresher.

Victoria University's contractor inductions are held weekly - unless it's a public holiday -  every Wednesday, 8.30am, Room 102, 6 Waiteata Road, Kelburn.  

All contractors who sporadically work on University premises for a specific one-off event, will still require an induction.  This may be through a one-page document signed by both the contractors and the project manager or University staff member responsible for bringing them on site.

If you are unsure of the induction to provide to your contractors, please contact

Health and Safety Plans

All contractors engaged by the University are required to submit their Health and Safety plans and a risk assessment for the work being undertaken to their project manager. The risk assessment must be specific to Victoria University's environment and include the following:

  • Details of the work being carried out;
  • How the work will be undertaken;
  • The hazards and associated risks from this work;
  • The precautions, measures and controls to manage these hazards and associated risks, not just for the contractors and sub contractors, but also describe how students, staff or other individuals end up in the area/vicinity where the work is being carried out, are kept safe.

For more information please contact the Safety, Risk and Assurance unit at or the relevant Project Manager.

Service Tunnels

There are service tunnels located at our Kelburn Campus. Contractors who need to work in these areas must contact Facilities Management for authorisation.

All contractors requiring to work in the service tunnels MUST submit a comprehensive risk assessment and be authorised to work on University premises (having attended the University's contractor induction session within the last 12 months) BEFORE access is granted to the service tunnels.

Contractors are advised that the following hazards exist in Victoria's service tunnels:

  • Low head room
  • Vertical drops
  • Reduced lighting
  • Gas, water & sewerage pipes
  • Glass waste pipes
  • Asbestos containing materials (including panels and pipes)
  • Trip hazards
  • Electrical cables, panels and switchboards
  • Dust
  • Wet surfaces
  • Ladders for access and egress
  • Restricted access, egress and working space

Emergency Response

Emergency response procedures for all contractors engaged by the University are to be consistent with Victoria's staff emergency procedures. These procedures can be found on the Fire/Earthquake Evacuation Boards and Campus Emergency Posters across the University. Further information can also be found on the Emergency page or by contacting the Safety,Risk and Assurance unit at


For information on asbestos within the University, please contact the Project Manager or Victoria's Safety, Risk and Assurance unit at A copy of the University’s asbestos register can be made available to you on request.