Health and Safety

Hazard and Risk Management

A hazard is anything which has the potential to cause harm. Risk is defined as the likelihood that something will happen and the severity of the outcome.

The Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 places a duty on the PCBU - in managing risks to health and safety - to identify hazards that could give rise to reasonably foreseeable risks to health and safety. The PCBU must also ensure that the control measures that it implements to eliminate or minimise the risks to health and safety are effective and remain effective. This means that risk controls must be reviewed and revised as necessary so as to maintain so far as is reasonably practicable a work environment that is without risks to health and safety.

To help you manage the health and safety risks to the University community, assess the risks presented by the hazards recorded on the hazard register and include all other foreseeable risks. Make sure that all reasonably practicable controls have been implemented to keep people safe.

To carry out a hazard risk assessment we assess the likelihood of something happening and the severity of the outcome. Victoria's Risk Management Procedure and a risk register template (containing a sample risk assessment) are available from the Resources page of this website.

Use the hazard report form to report a hazard. You can also view Victoria's Generic Hazard Register for hazards common to all university areas.

DocumentFile SizeFile Type
word Hazard Report Form70KBMS Word
pdf Victoria's Generic Hazard Register333 KBPDF

Reporting Safety Concerns

To report an urgent safety concern please ring either the FM Service desk on (04) 463 6600 or the Safety, Risk and Assurance team on (04) 463 6977. Where you or any others are at immediate risk, please ring the Campus Emergency Line: Ext. 8888 or 0800 842 8888.

Otherwise, you can report any other safety concern by emailing either Facilities Management to submit a request for the safety concern, hazard or defect to be addressed or


Students socialising at our design school

All members of Victoria's community are expected to accept personal responsibility for promoting the safety and wellbeing of themselves and those involved in, or affected by the University’s activities.

Find out more information for:

Slips, trips and falls

These are the most commonly reported accident and incidents at Victoria University. Take extra care in wet conditions. Here are some things you can do to prevent slips, trips and falls:

  • Take care when it's raining as floor surfaces can be slippery as you enter into the buildings from outside.
  • Wear clothing and footwear that is appropriate for the weather.
  • Don't rush, allow yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go.
  • Use handrails if you are walking up and down stairs.