Health and Safety

Risk Management

Risk management activities are considered business as usual at Victoria.  Risk identification and mitigation is a key element of day to day management and, it is important that appropriate escalation and reporting takes place.

Victoria’s Risk Management Procedure outlines the formal processes for reporting and managing risk and provides a basis of assurance for the Senior Leadership Team, the Audit and Risk Committee and the University Council.

Victoria has developed a procedure to help managers develop a risk register for their area of responsibility.  The procedure defines commonly used risk management terms and sets out the risk register format that the University has adopted. This document is aligned with Victoria’s Risk Management Policy and provides a process to help identify, assess, manage and minimise the risks associated with our work.

Managers identify and assess all risks associated with delivery of their business and detail these within the appropriate template, considering sources of risk, causes, likelihood and consequences.  From this the effect on unit objectives from uncertainty associated with these factors is ascertained.  Risk controls are then identified, implemented, maintained and monitored.

Business Continuity Management

Business continuity planning enables arrangements to be put in place to help Victoria  deliver its business critical functions and objectives.  The planning process includes the requirement to ensure the availability of necessary processes and resources in this regard.

This means that each unit must consider:

  • Clearly defining and understanding critical objectives – “Our key deliverables”;
  • Identifying what could prevent us from delivering our critical objectives – “What are the barriers and risks?";
  • Determining how Victoria will continue to achieve its critical objectives in the event of interruptions.

The resources section of this website contains guidelines, templates and procedures to assist with the assessment of risk and development of registers and plans.  Click on the links below to access the guidelines and templates.

Risk Management and Business Continuity Templates and Guidelines

DocumentFile SizeFile Type
word Risk Management Procedure150  KBMS Word
       Risk Management tool kit76 KBMS Excel

word Manager's Guidelines Integrated Safety and Risk Management

88 KBMS Word

word School/Unit Safety and Risk Improvement Plan Template

60 KB MS Word

word Workplace Health and Safety Inspection Template

43 KBMS Word
word Guideline - Business Continuity Plan70 KBMS Word
word Template - Business Impact Analysis77 KBMS Word
word Template - Emergency Response Plan1.6 MBMS Word