Health and Safety

Emergency Volunteers

During a large scale emergency incident, there are always spontaneous volunteers who want to help and while the University would welcome offers of help, managing volunteers needs to be done in a coordinated manner. For those who want to help, the best option is to keep an eye on the University's website home page where information for volunteers will be posted as an emergency event develops.

However, this does not preclude individuals from acting or responding to an emergency event to the best of their abilities and in the interest of their colleagues around them. Mutual self-help is encouraged where this can be done safely.  Where a higher level of response requires other skills, equipment or training, it is important that appropriate help is sought, where available, through either University resources or external emergency services.  

Vic Rescue

For those who want to participate in a more formal and structured volunteer system, the University has the Vic Rescue team, which receive training in general rescue techniques (first aid, fire fighting, reconaissance strategies, logistics and communications), thereby improving the University community's ability to respond in worst-case scenarios. No previous experience is needed, and team members come from all walks of life.

Recruitment takes place from January through to March each year.  Training takes place fortnightly on a Monday night from 5.30pm - 7.30pm.

If you're keen to join Vic Rescue, contact the team at

Staff Training and Exercises

Civil Defence Exercises are conducted by Campus Services, in conjunction with Campus Care, contractors, Vic Rescue and other interested parties, focusing on the response phase to selected scenarios.

The Incident Management Team (IMT), made up of staff from the groups above, uses a university version of the New Zealand standard Co-ordinated Incident Management System for exercises to establish effective command and control processes during an emergency.