Thesis topics and supervisors

There are opportunities to undertake research in a range of health related areas under supervision from researchers of national and international repute.

Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health

Staff from the Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health offer postgraduate supervision covering a range of health related topics.

Annemarie's research interests: Diagnosis: social, historical, cultural or creative aspects, including self-diagnosis; diagnosis and identity; critical obesity studies; diagnostic disclosure; power and authority in diagnosis; diagnosis in popular culture and in history.

Robyn's research interests: Normal birth including: fetal heart rate monitoring, fetal movements, water immersion and water birth; medico-legal aspects of the provision of care; quality improvement and clinical effectiveness; continuity of midwifery care; standards of midwifery practice; models of midwifery; midwifery leadership.

Kathy's research interests: Health outcomes and health care experiences of population groups; emergency department; primary health care; long-term conditions; frequent presenters; chronic pain; innovation; policy in nursing and health services; evidenced-informed services.

Methodological expertise: Mixed methods, evaluation, observational, designs (survey, descriptive studies), case study.

Brian's research interests: Patient safety and clinical risk; design of medical devices; simulation in health care education and patient safety research.

Helen’s research interests are situated in the empowerment of nurses, and understanding how nurses practice in challenging healthcare environments. Her doctoral work investigated nursing values and how healthcare environments obstruct nursing values creating a value dissonance between how nurses want to and how they are able to practice. Helen has particular interest in nurses’ responses to the practice environment and the delivery of professionally self-confident excellent nursing care. Helen is a pragmatic nursing researcher and has experience with case study and mixed methods. She is supervising both Masters and PhD students.

Priya's research interests: Older person nursing, active ageing, tai chi, yoga and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities for improving quality of life in older adults, health promotion, pain management, provision of safe and person-centred care and work-force development in residential aged care settings.

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Denise's research interests lie in public perspective of medicines, health services evaluation and social prescribing.

Martin's research interests: Nursing ethics; nursing education; nursing philosophy/theory; palliative care.

School of Health

Staff from the School of Health offer postgraduate supervision covering a range of health related topics.

Research interests: health psychology; health behaviours; lived experiences of illness; media and health; digital technologies, social media and identity; gender; embodiment; alcohol consumption; drinking cultures; innovative methodologies;

Methodological expertise: mixed methods; qualitative and critical approaches.

Research interests: Epidemiology, medical informatics, data analytics, health quality and safety, respiratory disease with a focus on asthma, COPD and influenza

Methodological expertise: Observational and quasi-experimental study designs, frequentist statistics and machine learning approaches.

Research interests: evaluation of changes to improve the delivery of health services, health and public policy, integrated care, quality improvement, primary health care, realist evaluation methodologies and implementation science.

Methodological expertise: realist research, mixed methods, policy analysis, quality improvement methodologies and evaluation

Research interests: Digital health: development, testing and implementation of apps, online programs digital tools for mental health; youth health and wellbeing; LGBTI friendly health services.

Methodological expertise: RCTS, trials, surveys, user centred design and co-design; mixed methods