Health Services Research Centre: Thesis Topics and Supervisors

The Health Services Research Centre / Te Hikuwai Rangahau Hauora focuses on the study of the health and disability needs of communities, and the planning, provision, use and effectiveness of personal and population-based health and disability services.

Research interests: evaluation of changes to improve the delivery of health services, health and public policy, integrated care, quality improvement, primary health care, realist evaluation methodologies and implementation science.

Methodological expertise: realist research, mixed methods, policy analysis, quality improvement methodologies and evaluation

Research interests: Family/informal care, health services research, disability research

Methodological expertise: Qualitative methods, grounded theory, evaluation

Research interests: Pacific health research, health services research and evaluation, primary health care, nursing

Methodological expertise: Qualitative methods, Samoan/Pacific research methodologies and theory, evaluation

Research interests: Pacific health research, ageing and wellbeing, maternity, social sciences, health and wellbeing

Methodological expertise: Social science research, Qualitative methods, interest in Samoan/Pacific research methodologies