School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice: Thesis Topics and Supervisors

Staff from the School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice offer postgraduate supervision covering a range of health related topics.

Research interests: Caz has research interests focused on health care practices and service provision for obese patients, health-related social stigma, attitudes and perceptions of health care professionals towards obesity, and developing fat stigma education programmes for health professionals.

Research interests: diagnosis, professional power, medicalisation.

Methodological expertise: sociology of diagnosis, medical humanities, literary criticism.

Research interests: Natalie's research interests include professional clinical nursing, developing and transitioning in nursing practice, team dynamics and leadership. Natalie's doctoral studies are focused on nursing leadership practices and the influence of team and organisational culture.

Research interests: Karen’s research interest focuses on health promotion, with a particular focus on wellbeing in multiple contexts. This has led to her conducting projects in youth mental health, experiences of breastfeeding, oral health of children/tamariki, and the impact of multiple hospitalisations on family/whānau. She has been involved in developing a nationally representative survey on mental health and wellbeing, as well as qualitative evaluations of programmes to enhance the wellbeing of youth. In addition, she maintains her interest in professional nursing issues, such as the development of Nurse Practitioner roles in New Zealand.

Methodological expertise: mixed methods, qualitative, hermeneutics.

Research interests: normal birth including: fetal heart rate monitoring; fetal movements; water immersion and water birth; medico-legal aspects of the provision of care; quality improvement and clinical effectiveness; continuity of midwifery care; standards of midwifery practice; models of midwifery; midwifery leadership.

Research interests: Kathy's interests include health outcomes and health care experiences of population groups, emergency department, primary health care, long-term conditions, frequent presenters, chronic pain, innovation, policy in nursing and health services, evidenced-informed services.

Methodological expertise: Mixed methods, evaluation, observational, designs (survey, descriptive studies), case study.

Research interests: Patient safety and clinical risk, design of medical devices, simulation in health care education and patient safety research.

Research interests: Helen’s interests are situated in the empowerment of nurses and understanding how nurses practice in challenging healthcare environments. Her doctoral work investigated nursing values and how healthcare environments obstruct nursing values creating a value dissonance between how nurses want to and how they are able to practice. Helen has particular interest in nurses’ responses to the practice environment and the delivery of professionally self-confident excellent nursing care.

Methodological expertise: Helen is a pragmatic nursing researcher and has experience with case study and mixed methods.

Research interests: safe use of medicines, patient experience, social prescribing, mental health and dementia, older people, health services evaluation.

Methodological expertise: mixed methods, case study research, qualitative, and phenomenological approaches.

Research interests: patient experience of long term conditions across the spectrum, especially people with multiple conditions; nursing care in acute clinical settings; health of older people; evidence-based practice; evidence-informed practice.

Methodological expertise: qualitative interpretive methodology, interpretive description, qualitative description, thematic analysis, case study.

Research interests: Martin's interests include nursing ethics, nursing education, nursing philosophy/theory, palliative care.