Centre for Women's Health Research

The Centre for Women's Health Research is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of our nation's women and children

E Hine, taiahoahotia tōku ara i te pō 

Hineteiwaiwa, illuminate my pathway through the night

As a Centre of international excellence in women's health research, we are improving the survival and health of women and their babies by creating more effective systems and processes of care.

With a strong focus on strengthening communities, our work aims to improve whānau health and facilitate collaborative approaches to building local research capacity.

Nuki Takao (Ngāti Rarua, Te Ati awa, Ngāi Tuhoe) gifted this whaukataukī (proverb) to the Women’s Health Research Centre (WHRC), and our research programme on the health and wellbeing of Māori women and their babies has been called Taiahoahotia.

Hineteiwaiwa is the goddess of childbirth, and is the kaitiaki (guardian) of wāhine (women), me ngā pēpi (and babies). Hineteiwaiwa is also the goddess of the moon. This whakataukī guides our vision of illuminating those areas of Māori maternal and child health that require investigation, understanding, and appropriate intervention to benefit Māori women, their children, and whānau (families).

We understand that research alone does not create change. That is why, as one of New Zealand's foremost translational research organisations, our work creates positive systemic long-term transformation.

We translate our research into recommendations for health practitioners, hospitals and health organisations, government departments and Ministers of Parliament, Iwi service providers, and community based organisations, to improve systems and processes of care for whānau.

Our team members have backgrounds in maternal and infant health, neonatal nursing, sexual and reproductive health, mid-life health, general practice, epidemiology, policy development and evaluation, social science and mixed methods research, Kaupapa Māori research and community based research. Pivotal to our work is the guidance of our Kāhui Kaumātua. Our team presents at local, national and international conferences and hui, and publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

As a multidisciplinary team, we aim to support the development of students through offering opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate health students wanting to further their research capabilities.