Mona Jeffreys

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Senior Research Fellow, Health Services Research Centre, FOH Faculty of Health


BSc (Hons) Medical Science St Andrews, MSc Epidemiology (with distinction) LSHTM, PhD Epidemiology Bristol


Mona is a senior research fellow in epidemiology at the Health Services Research Centre. She trained at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (MSc) and Bristol University (PhD). She then worked at the Centre for Public Health Research at Massey University (Wellington) as Senior Lecturer in Public Health. After another period at Bristol University as Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, she returned to Wellington, and is employed at the HSRC, working on projects around access to primary health care.

Supervision Interests

Research within the broad field of using epidemiological approaches to address equity.

Research Interests

Mona's main interests surround equity in health, specifically access to and provision of and health care. Much of her previous research has been in cancer epidemiology and inequities. She has led and contributed to various research projects and programmes, using data from projects she has designed and analysing routinely collected database.

Current Projects

Primary Health Care Programme, specifically addressing “What Works, for Whom, and in What Contexts to Support Changes in Primary Health Care Service Delivery?”


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