Kim van Wissen

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Senior Lecturer School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice


  • RN
  • BN well
  • BSc well
  • MA well
  • PhD mass


Kim completed her initial training as a Registered Nurse at Wellington Polytechnic (Wellington New Zealand). Her clinical career has covered acute medical settings across a variety of settings (Intensive Care and Cardiac Care principally). Kim then shifted to a role in nursing education and research at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. During her time as a lecturer her research has been focused on qualitative methodologies that determine the patient’s perspective as they live with complex illness.

Supervision interests

  • The experience of long term conditions
  • Research which has a focus on the patient or client perspective
  • Wellbeing in illness
  • Co-morbidity as complex illness
  • Translational research

Research Interests

Kim’s research interest is primarily focused on ‘patient experience’ across the spectrum of clinical settings, particularly where patients have multiple diagnoses. Kim works with a colleague developing ‘plain English’ reviews for Cochrane Nursing Care for dissemination/publication in nursing journals as translational research. Her work involves providing an evidence base for nurses so they can work with up-to-date research in their clinical and research environments.

Current projects

  • Wellbeing for Older Adults, School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice (Victoria University of Wellington), in co-operation with School of Marketing and International Business, School of Social and Cultural Studies (both Victoria University of Wellington) and School of Clinical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology.
  • Patient Choice for Long Term Conditions, School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Practice in co-operation with Charles Sturt University (Aus) School of Nursing Midwifery and Indigenous Health.

Recently Completed Supervision and/or research projects

  • Completed Supervision
  • Research report, “Nurses’ experiences caring for patients surgically treated for oral cavity cancer”. Masters student, Massey University.
  • Research report, “Barriers to care for people with asthma”. Masters student, Massey University.
  • Completed research
  • Becoming multi-lingual: perfecting database searches, draft paper in progress.


2017 only

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