Professor Annemarie Jutel

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Professor of Health Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Faculty of Health


Teaching in 2018

Research interests

medical sociology, sociology of health and illness, sociology of diagnosis


IDE (nursing), Nantes, France: BPhEd (hons) University of Otago, PhD, University of Otago


Annemarie trained as a Nurse at l'Ecole d infirmieres in Nantes, France and has practiced in France, the US and now New Zealand. She left clinical work in 2000 to focus on sociological aspects of health and illness. Her ground-breaking work in the sociology of diagnosis focuses on how medical classification interacts with social and cultural interests. She has written on the medicalisation of overweight, female sexuality and foetal death. Annemarie is a St Johns PRIME trained first responder and does volunteer work in the rural community of Middlemarch (Central Otago).

Annemarie is the Chairperson of Victoria University's Health & Wellbeing Steering group. The purpose of this team is to lead work under the Improving Health and Wellbeing distinctiveness theme of the University. You can find out more here.

Research interests

Annemarie's work focuses on diagnosis: how diagnoses emerge, what forces influence their creation, and the resulting impact of diagnostic categories on socio-cultural and health protecting practices. She has focused on agents of medicalisation, self-diagnosis, and the diagnostic moment.  She has recently turned her attention to the narratives triggered by the revelation of a diagnosis, particularly in historical and creative documents.  Her current work is grounded in humanities and in social sciences and explores the impact of diagnostic utterance and conversely, of diagnostic uncertainty.  She is a member of the advisory committee of the US-based Principles of Conservative Diagnosis group.  She is on the editorial board of Social Science and Medicine, and Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.


Authored books & chapters

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Journal articles and editorials

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Teaching in 2018