Ally Gibson

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Lecturer in Health Psychology Faculty of Health


Teaching in 2019


BA(Hons) Rhodes, MA Rhodes, PhD University of Queensland


Ally Gibson is a lecturer in Health Psychology and coordinates HLWB 205. Ally has over 10 years' experience conducting a range of qualitative research projects relating to health, illness, and the practice of medicine. Her work is interdisciplinary, bridging health psychology, the sociology of health and illness, and public health. She is particularly interested in: people's experience and responses to pressing health challenges (e.g., cancer); sexual and reproductive health; issues of gender, sexuality and identity; and concerns and experiences of inequity, marginalisation, and vulnerability in health. Ally enjoys sharing knowledge and experience in conducting qualitative research in health, using critical approaches. Her particular area of expertise is in critical health psychology, with a focus on using discursive methods of analysis. She welcomes the opportunity to develop and strengthen ties to the public sector, community-led organisations, and NGOs.

Supervision Interests

Research in the area of health, illness, and healthcare with an emphasis on critical, qualitative approaches:

  • Gender and sexuality as they relate to health experiences
  • Interactions with healthcare professionals
  • Constructions of health and illness in the media
  • Critical approaches to health promotion
  • Medical education – how medical students and junior doctors learn to practice medicine

Research Interests

  • Issues of inclusion, marginalisation, and diversity in healthcare and illness experiences
  • Cancer screening, prevention practices, and healthcare experiences of people with cancer
  • LGBTIQ health and healthcare
  • Online dating and relationships
  • Medical education


  • Meaningful inclusion of trans and gender diverse populations in cervical cancer screening: A pilot study, in collaboration with the University of New South Wales, Family Planning NSW, and Pash.TM (Sydney, Australia)

Current Supervision

  • Kate McLeod (2019-current) The identity construction of rainbow people in Aotearoa
  • Sandra Souto (to start in 2020) Healthcare provision to trans and gender diverse people

Past Supervision

  • Australia’s second ‘ice age’: A discursive analysis of crystal methamphetamine in 2014-2016 news media. Anne Frederickson (University of New South Wales, MPH)
  • Body mapping: Piloting an approach to explore the experiences of young people in drug and alcohol residential treatment. Sophia Macken (University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Medicine, Independent Learning Project)
  • The perceptions of young people in drug and alcohol residential treatment on drug use. Nikita Parkash (University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Medicine, Independent Learning Project)
  • Place activation: Understanding creative placemaking evaluation in Bundaberg. Wendy Madsen (University of New South Wales, MPH)
  • Social care and support among young people prior and during residential treatment. Madeleine Elkington (University of New South Wales, MPH)


Teaching in 2019