The latest news from the Faculty of Health, including its two schools and research centre.

  • A painting of an abstract face

    Somewhere between art and mental health

    To capture and restore the vital complexities of living we must go beyond epidemiology. Annemarie Jutel explains the role of art in understanding mental health.

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    University receives $24m for ground-breaking research

    Tackling inequality and poverty by understanding New Zealanders’ long-term income mobility is one of eight Victoria University of Wellington-led research projects to receive a total of $24 million from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Endeavour Fund.

  • A portrait of Caz Hales and Helen Rook

    Customised care

    Research shows that obesity rates peak at the age of 65 and, with an ageing population in New Zealand, it’s timely to ask how prepared our aged-care facilities are for very overweight patients.

  • A sunset across a body of water

    Visualising the pain away: VR tool for childbirth

    Could virtual reality technology unlock a new frontier of pain relief for drug-free birthing? Victoria University of Wellington PhD student Lorna Massov is researching VR's potential for pain management and so far the results are good.