Scott White

Scott White’s internship project was with Motu Economic and Public Policy.

Scott’s internship project required him to engage with public and private sector leaders, publish their working notes, perform data reports and analyse behaviour about New Zealand’s household emissions.

“My internship provided valuable skills I simply could not have learned in a lecture theatre. It opened up doors, both professionally and at the University. It also taught me a range of views and perspectives about why I went to university, and what success might look like.”

“The classroom side of this course challenges you to think about more than the reference you’ll gain. I now realise how valuable these seminars were, and how much my work was shaped by the students around me. Their perspectives challenged my preconceived beliefs and fostered critical debate.”

On graduating, Scott took a job in Management Consulting with Deloitte and he still works there as a Strategy and Operations Consultant.

"The FHSS Internship programme was an experience that I couldn't recommend more to students. Gaining exposure into the mechanics of a globally-recognised research institute (Motu), engaging and working alongside cross-sector stakeholders, and publishing research on a key policy challenge helped to complement and build on my classroom experiences. The softer skills learned through the FHSS Internship were also invaluable: prioritising workloads, upward communication, planning work timelines, and dealing with ambiguity have all been core competencies since graduating, and were skills fostered through the programme. I credit my time, both while at Motu but also during the classroom seminars, as key foundations for my professional career."