About us

Learn about the role of the Faculty of Graduate Research in facilitating postgraduate research at Victoria.

Doctoral degrees

The Faculty of Graduate Research (FGR) administers and oversees all doctoral programmes at Victoria University of Wellington – the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Doctorates (Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Government), and the Higher Doctorates.

In conjunction with the faculties of Architecture and Design, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Science, Engineering, Education, and Commerce and Administration, the FGR aims to provide an environment that fosters doctoral research.

Most doctoral candidates at Victoria will undertake research towards a PhD. The FGR’s role is to inform candidates about the requirements of PhD study and the policies that govern the degree so that they can focus their energy on research.

The FGR also provides skills-development opportunities for PhD candidates and supervisors, manages quality reviews, and monitors the feedback students provide about their PhD experiences.

Master's by thesis

The FGR oversees Master's by thesis policies and monitors candidature. It does not manage enrolment, which is the responsibility of Victoria's faculties.