Our supporters

The Ferrier Research Institute is grateful to the many organisations and individuals that support our students and research.

BCRFNZ Research team in pink lab coats

At the Ferrier Research Institute we are committed to bringing better drugs, materials and technology to the world. Our research spans drug discovery, cancer immunology, polysaccharide analysis, gut health and the formulation of new renewable polymers.

We are thankful to our generous supporters and donors who provide funding to support our continuing research. It is with these partnerships that we have been able to achieve such excellence, and we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the below organisations:

Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand

Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand has a vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.

In 2017 they announced a five-year research partnership with Ferrier, providing funding to progress a significant breakthrough made by the chemists at the Institute to create a life-saving breast cancer vaccine.

The Genesis Oncology Trust

The Genesis Oncology Trust funds a broad range of cancer-control research, training and education.

In 2015 the Genesis Oncology Trust awarded a research grant to support Professor Gavin Painter’s research into Lipoglycan Cancer Vaccines.

Infinity Foundation Limited

In 2015 the Infinity Foundation provided generous support for a research project led by Professor Gary Evans to develop new techniques to make drug treatments more targeted and less toxic.

Their support has provided funding for a Post-doc researcher.

New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes (Inc.)

New Zealand Federation of Women's Institute have provided a generous research grant to Dr Olga Zubkova, to support research into a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

The Stewart Charitable Trust

The Stewart Charitable Trust supports Amira Brackovic’s PhD research into peloruside, a potent anti-cancer agent discovered in New Zealand by providing funding for her tuition fees and a stipend.

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If you would like to find out more about ways to support the work of the Ferrier Research Institute, please contact Rachael Odlin.