Organic and carbohydrate synthesis

Our team of world-leading synthetic organic chemists can deliver your complex molecule, under cGMP if required. Confidentiality is assured—you retain all IP.

Photograph of carbohydrates being synthesised

With significant expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, the Ferrier Research Institute has the capability to tackle your challenging molecular target.

We have extensive expertise in carbohydrate (oligosaccharides, nucleotides and glycolipids) and dendrimer chemistry. Synthesis and analysis of these types of molecules provide some of the more complex challenges in synthetic organic chemistry today. Therefore we are well-equipped to tackle any molecule.

Experience and track record

We specialise in finding innovative solutions to the most difficult synthetic problems. We have more than 20 years’ experience carrying out fee-for-service synthesis at a range of scales.

Of our 27 professional chemistry staff, 95 percent are PhD-qualified and most have post-doctoral experience at top international universities. We have an excellent track record in delivering a customer’s characterised product and exceeding their expectations.

Drug development

Contract synthesis of products destined for pharmaceutical use is carried out under the GlycoSyn™ brand. GlycoSyn™is a joint venture between the Ferrier Research Institute and GlycoSyn at Callaghan Innovation. The teams are co-located at the Gracefield Research Centre.

GlycoSyn™ provides a seamless service from laboratory route development to the large-scale manufacture of a drug candidate for clinical trials.

We provide:

  • material for structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies
  • route development
  • laboratory scale preparation
  • full characterisation of products&
  • process development
  • pilot laboratory scale
  • cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) manufacture and release of material for clinical trials.

IP, pricing and reporting

To synthesise your product, we can work from your experimental data, establish a route from scratch, or combine these approaches. We normally operate on a time and materials basis, so you only pay the actual cost of synthesising and shipping the material.

All intellectual property developed during the contract is retained by the client. Confidentiality is absolutely assured.

We have a very up-front and open approach with clients. Regular progress reports are provided, which can include full experimental details of the work if desired.


We have all the standard equipment required in a synthetic organic chemistry laboratory, including a flow reactor, a microwave reactor, automated chromatographic separation systems and equipment for high pressure reactions such as hydrogenation.


Documented characterisation of the final product is an important part of any synthetic project.

We have significant analytical expertise and routinely run a wide range of techniques, such as NMR, ESMS, HPLC, GCMS, FT-IR, UV/Vis, optical rotation, melting point and elemental analysis.

Read more about the carbohydrate analysis service we offer.

Client comment

"ORIL has been successfully collaborating with key staff of Ferrier under the GlycoSyn brand for a number of years in the synthesis of complex, biologically active, natural products that are otherwise in scant supply or difficult to make.

"We have always been very impressed and satisfied with their breadth of knowledge, innovative thinking, ability to solve difficult problems and willingness to work with the client."

Dr Philip Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Oncology Research International Limited