Our research is focused on how we can leverage the power of chemistry to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.

Cancer Research

Cancer is a leading cause of death in New Zealand and most of us will have experienced it, either personally or through a friend or relative.

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases cause millions of deaths and the rise of drug-resistant strains are making them harder to treat, requiring the development of new drugs.

Neurodegenerative disorders

Deterioration of the brain is hard on the individual, their families and friends. We're developing much needed treatments for these disorders.

Sustainable materials

Once reliant on petrochemicals, our scientists are working alongside industry to develop renewable materials made from sustainable sources.

Wound healing

Ferrier researchers are developing compounds which can help the body repair tissue damage from wounds and broken bones heal faster.  

Research expertise

Our carbohydrate chemistry research spans drug discovery, cancer immunology, polysaccharide analysis, gut health and the formulation of new renewable polymers.

Science leaders

Our science and commercialisation leaders have diverse backgrounds but together provide a wealth of expertise for clients and collaborators.

Contract research

Contract organic synthesis, carbohydrate analysis and polymer formulation services are available from our team of professional PhD-qualified chemists.