Dr Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi

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Scientist Ferrier Research Institute


After receiving her PhD in Organic Chemistry, Farah Lamiable-Oulaidi spent time as a postdoc working in glycochemistry at Bangor University (United Kingdom) and as an assistant professor in organometallic chemistry at Strasbourg University (France) before joining the Ferrier Research Institute in September 2015.

For her PhD Farah investigated the use of chaperone-mediated therapy to address lysosomal storage disorders—a group of rare, inherited metabolic disorders that result from absence or deficiency of key enzymes.

“My thesis was focused on the synthesis of iminosugars as novel inhibitors of lysosomal enzymes acting as pharmacological chaperones. Competitive inhibitors for some of these lysosomal enzymes can act as chaperones and rescue the mutant proteins. The use of chaperone-mediated therapy is an innovative and strategic approach to treating these disorders.”

This area of research has become one of ongoing interest for Farah that has drawn her from the other side of the world to take up a two-year postdoc at the Ferrier Research Institute working in Professor Peter Tyler’s glycochemistry lab.

“I have always been very interested in the biological aspects of this work, and for my thesis I collaborated with biochemists for the investigation of inhibitory activity of some of my compounds on lysosomal enzymes.

“I was drawn to the postdoc position at Ferrier because I was keen to work on a project in this area with therapeutic applications.”

Her current research is focused on enzyme inhibitors.