Architecture and Design building

About us

The Faculty of Architecture and Design, Te Wāhanga Waihanga-Hoahoa, combines two schools—the School of Architecture and the School of Design.

The Faculty is a leading provider of innovative education in New Zealand and offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that cater for the growing requirements of the creative sector.

We offer three undergraduate qualifications:

The Faculty offers a range of Master’s level qualifications in architecture and design which can lead to traditional careers as architects and designers as well as a diverse range of other career paths.

Our mission, vision and values

Our mission is to provide a teaching and learning experience that enriches the development, exploration and innovation in the way we approach and connect education and the professional industry.

We are responsible for providing the high quality education our students need to succeed within their chosen fields as professionals, and leaders.

Our core values revolve around our ability to provide and maintain a competitive educational product within the current marketplace.

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