Climate change: The science and how it's communicated

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Presented by Professor James Renwick

Lectures, talks and seminars

Science in Society seminar series

8th Apr 2019 2:10pm to 8th Apr 2019 3:00pm

Hugh Mackenzie LT205 (HM LT205)

Climate change is the largest challenge ever faced by humanity. Yet, an effective response is difficult, as it challenges the way we live our lives.

This seminar will give an overview of the science of how the climate is changing, the impacts in terms of extreme events and human welfare, and what is required to stop climate change. It will also touch on the debate over how the problem is presented; is it better to be an ‘alarmist’, a ‘realist’, or an ‘optimist’?

Please note the change in location to Hugh Mackenzie LT205 (HM LT205)

For more information contact: Nayantara Sheoran Appleton

Speaker Bios

Professor Renwick is the head of the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences. He has nearly four decades' experience in weather and climate research, and was awarded the 2018 Prime Minister's Science Communication Prize.