Science in the news: trust, hype and controversy

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Presented by Dacia Herbulock

Lectures, talks and seminars

Science in Society seminar series

18th Mar 2019 2:10pm to 18th Mar 2019 3:00pm

Alan Macdiarmid LT105 (AM LT105)

From climate change and pesticides to disease outbreaks and nutritional advice, explore the ways in which scientific issues are covered by the media.

With over a decade of experience working on the front lines of breaking news and complex science, the Science Media Centre is uniquely placed to observe the ways controversial issues emerge and evolve in the public arena.

This seminar will explore the ways in which science and related issues are covered in the New Zealand media and how scientists' actions influence this.

It will examine the realities of modern media, sources of hype and spin, the role of experts in a crisis, conflicts of interest, transparency and trust in science, and reflect on ways that scientists can make the most of opportunities the media offers and participate more effectively in emerging public conversations.

For more information contact: Nayantara Sheoran Appleton

Speaker Bios

Dacia Herbulock is Director of the Science Media Centre. She joined the SMC at its launch in 2008, bringing extensive experience in radio, film, documentary and television news in the US, China and New Zealand.

Over the past decade, she has designed and led initiatives to broaden New Zealand’s network of media savvy experts, improve journalists’ understanding of complex science issues and make relevant information accessible to the media when science is in the headlines.