Overseas exchange

Find out about Victoria’s student exchange programme—Study Abroad.

Can I come to New Zealand to study?

Yes, Victoria University of Wellington hosts students from more than 30 countries around the world. You will find a warm welcome here.

You may be looking for a university where you can complete all your undergraduate or postgraduate education in your chosen field. Find out more on the Victoria International website.

You can also come to Victoria for one or two trimesters (6 or 12 months) as part of your degree, in two different ways:

  • Study Abroad - A programme where overseas students pay Victoria University fees to study in New Zealand but gain credits towards their degree back home.

  • Student Exchange - If your university is a partner in our exchange programme, you’ll pay only the fees you would pay in your home country but get a chance to experience life and study in Wellington, New Zealand.

Both Study Abroad and Student Exchange are designed for undergraduate and postgraduate study. Note that Australian nationals who enrol in courses at postgraduate level pay only New Zealand domestic fees.

Find out more about both these programmes on the Victoria International Study Abroad and Exchange webpage.

PhD study

There are many good reasons for choosing New Zealand for PhD study.

Victoria University of Wellington has a sound tradition of academic excellence and students from here are highly regarded all over the world.

In addition, international PhD students pay only New Zealand domestic fees, partners are eligible to work here and free schooling is provided for dependent children.

For more information, please contact a School from the Faculty of Science which offers study in your area of interest.

Can I leave New Zealand to study?

Sure. We understand the desire for overseas experience (OE) that’s driven generations of Kiwis to take off and explore the world.

With our exchange programme, you can study overseas for one or two trimesters while paying only your Victoria fees. Courses you take and pass will be credited to your Victoria degree.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for this scheme. An advantage for postgraduate students is the opportunity to work with world class researchers overseas as part of their degree and perhaps present research at an international conference.

Victoria University will assist by contributing $1000 to $1200 to your costs. You can also apply to Education New Zealand for other funding sources.

Find out more on the Victoria Abroad website.