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    The Christchurch Call is the tip of a bigger iceberg

    Although curbing the proliferation of extremist and terrorist views through social media and other online platforms is understandably a priority, there are many more regulatory issues that also need addressing, writes Dr Peter Thompson from Victoria University of Wellington's Media Studies programme.

    Government can't ignore welfare reform report

    Despite the Minister of Social Development's underwhelming response, there are still reasons to be optimistic about more substantial moves, writes Dr Michael Fletcher, a Senior Research Fellow in Victoria University of Wellington's Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

    Wellbeing Government's empathy for the rich

    Why are people at the bottom of the income heap being asked to subsidise property investors, students from wealthy families and well-off retirees, asks Professor Arthur Grimes, Victoria University of Wellington's Chair of Wellbeing and Public Policy.

    NZ has world’s highest proportion of species at risk

    The situation is dire, especially given the country's 100%-pure slogan, write Dr Mike Joy from Victoria University of Wellington's Institute for Governance and Policy Studies and Master of Environmental Studies student Sylvie McLean.

    Cat problem can only be solved by owners

    The key to managing domestic cats' impact on New Zealand wildlife is to get owners and vets on board, says Victoria University of Wellington Associate Professor of Conservation Science Wayne Linklater.

    A post-shootings balance between liberty and security

    It is important to avoid hasty law and order measures 'that may actually end up producing negative effects', stresses UK counter-terrorism expert Professor Gabe Mythen in a Victoria University of Wellington Provost Lecture.

    How to protect our national .nz online identity

    New Zealand's 'open' model for domain names means unscrupulous offshore businesses can take advantage of their apparent physical presence in the country to deceive customers, writes Associate Professor Susan Corbett from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

    Ardern’s ‘pitch perfect’ leadership no performance

    New Zealand's Prime Minister has provided a masterclass in 'compassionate justice' and its significance lies in the fact it is genuine rather than guided by political calculation, writes Victoria University of Wellington's Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Professor Chris Marshall.