Research projects and reports

View significant research projects, reports, and grants received by staff in the Faculty of Education.

Significant research projects

  • ESDM Therapy for young children with autism. Brochure.
  • A socio-ecological exploration of bullying
  • Research within teacher education into learning the work of ambitious mathematics teaching
  • Preventable Māori mortality project
  • Ko Wai Au? Who am I? See my voice?: A collaborative inquiry investigating the identities, communication needs and aspirations of Māori rangatahi (young people) who identified as deaf and/or hearing impaired. pdfKo Wai Au pamphlet
  • Continuitity of Early Learning: Learning progress and outcomes in the early years
  • Literacy and numeracy scale alignment
  • Motivation and achievement: a study of complex relations
  • Supervising African students: Enhancing intercultural supervision in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Longitudinal research on the impact of New Zealand's standards-based NCEA on student motivation.
  • An investigation of factors associated with undergraduate study as part of international student exchange agreements.
  • Tertiary assessment policy and practices including student experiences and programme approaches to assessment.
  • Educational strategies to support evidence-based numeracy policy and practice related to positive student outcomes.
  • Effective interventions to address behavioural challenges at all levels of schooling.
  • Research on autism and on alternative augmentations communication development.
  • Investigations of effective professional development and teacher practices in gifted education, early childhood education, secondary assessment, intercultural language teaching, Māori education, and e-learning teaching and assessment.
  • Evaluation research on effective professional development for teachers to engage in culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • International research on Global - Mindedness among undergraduates across the disciplines in four countries.
  • Research to discover if there is a need for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) among adults with intellectual disability.
  • Investigations into quality provisions for infants and toddlers in early childhood education and care settings.
  • Commissioned literature reviews on a range of topics including the involvement of children in educational research and what counts for quality for under-three year olds in early childhood settings.



Ongoing externally-funded grants our academic staff have received:

  • Averill, Robin; Drake, Michael and Anderson, Dayle: Learning the Work of Ambitious Mathematics Teaching
  • Bourke, Roseanna: Self Assessment in Tertiary Education
  • Chu, Cherie: Pasifika Learners and Success in Tertiary Education
  • Chu, Cherie:An Analysis of Recent Pasifika Education Research Literature to Inform Improved Outcomes for Pasifika Learners
  • Hodis, Flaviu: Motivation and Achievement: The study of complex relations
  • Kidman, Joanna and Chu, Cherie: Māori academic socialisation and the university
  • Meyer, Luanna: Longitudinal Evaluation of NCEA Course Endorsements
  • Moeed, Azra: Beyond play: Learning through science investigation
  • Sheehan, Mark: Motivating Secondary School History Students
  • Sigafoos, Jeff:Enhancing Communication Intervention for Children with Autism