Hannah Waddington

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Lecturer School of Education


Teaching in 2019


PhD, PGDEPP, MEDPSY, BA, Victoria University of Wellington


Hannah Waddington has completed her PhD at Victoria University of Wellington. She also completed her Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Educational Psychology at Victoria. She is a practicing Educational Psychologist and a certified early start Denver model therapist. She has published in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities, and early intervention for children with autism. Her teaching areas include educational psychology assessment and intervention, developmental disabilities, and exceptional learners. She also teaches in the educational psychology internship.

Current research

Hannah’s main research focus is early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder and, particularly, the effectiveness of low-intensity evidence-based early intervention approaches. She is currently undertaking a research project investigating the effectiveness of early start Denver model therapy in addition to parent coaching for young children with autism.



ESDM therapy for young children with Autism

Are you looking for support for your child with autism? Our team at the School of Education at Victoria University of Wellington is offering an early intervention programme for young children with autism (0–5 years), alongside research to assess the effectiveness of the programme. View this brochure for further details: ESDM therapy for young children with autism

Recently completed projects

Hannah's doctoral thesis is entitled: “Evaluation of low-intensity therapy and parent training for young children with autism based on the early start Denver model”.

Supervision interests

  • Educational and behavioural interventions for individuals with autism or developmental disabilities
  • Early intervention for children with autism or developmental disabilities



Teaching in 2019