Sandi McCutcheon

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Senior Lecturer School of Education


Teaching in 2019


BEd, Higher DipTchg, PGDipEdPD, PGDipHELT, PhD Well


Dr. Sandi McCutcheon is a dedicated, collaborative and innovative teacher who is constantly working to develop her capacity as a teacher and scholar of teacher education. She demonstrates a diverse and inclusive teaching practice. She develops respectful and constructive relationships with her students, and encourages them to contextualise teaching and learning. Sandi has developed assessment methods which allow students to interpret and define what course learning outcomes mean, and how they are important to them as learners and future teachers. Students are able to identify and plan for their individualised learning needs and are actively engaged in the learning process.

Current research focus

My research focus is on effective teaching and learning opportunities for all learners in education, and in particular initial and in-service teacher education. I am particularly interested in:

  • Inclusive and responsive teaching and assessment
  • Improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students
  • Positive behaviour for learning and well-being
  • Child and adolescent mental health

These foci link to VUW Strategic Goals to “Provide a holistic learning, teaching and student experience that is second to none” and “Secure the intellectual potential put at risk through experience of disadvantage”

I am currently researching:

  • the synchronicity between self, peer, and co-assessment in initial teacher education
  • Student as partners
  • Resiliency in young children
  • Innovative teaching practices

Current Supervisions

Viet Nguyen. An exploration of language teachers’ beliefs and practices: A case study of Vietnamese university EFL teachers (PhD thesis) Second Supervisor

Philippa Nicoll Antipas. Deconferencing: Conferences for the Knowledge Age (PhD thesis) Second Supervisor

Recently Completed Supervisions

Jenni Harrison (2016). 'Socioeconomic status and student achievement: A case study of two schools.' (Second supervisor).

Steven Dillon Shallard (2017). '“Maths is challenge, struggle and mistakes will grow our brain”: The impact on student attitude, confidence and achievement of the introduction of inquiry based learning into the mathematics programme of a New Zealand primary school.' (Second supervisor).

Awards and prizes

Recent Publications

Tait-McCutcheon, S., & Knewstubb, B. (2018). Evaluating the alignment of self, peer and lecturer assessment in an Aotearoa New Zealand pre-service teacher education course. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 43(5), 772-785

Tait-McCutcheon, S., & Drake, M. (2016). If the jacket fits: A metaphor for teacher professional learning and development. Teaching and Teacher Education, 55, 1-12.

Tait-McCutcheon, S. L., & Loveridge, J. (2016). Examining equity of opportunities for learning mathematics through positioning theory. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 1-22.

Tait-McCutcheon, S. (2015). B. Rogers (ed): Classroom Behaviour: A Practical Guide to Effective Teaching, Behaviour Management and Colleague Support. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies, 50(2), 289-291.

Tait-McCutcheon, S. L. (2014). Teacher practice in primary mathematics classrooms: A story of positioning. Unpublished thesis.


Teaching in 2019