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Journal articles

Tait, C., Horsley, J., Tait, K. (2018). The contextual teaching-learning mapping of academically successful Pasifika students. Asia Pacific Education Review, published online 6 June 2018.

Hodis, F. A., Tait, C., Hodis, G. M., Hodis, M. A., & Scornavacca, E. (2016). Analyzing student motivation at the confluence of achievement goals and their underlying reasons: an investigation of goal complexes. Social Psychology of Education, 1-18. Retrived from

Tait, K., Horsley, J., & Tait, C. (2016). How do academically successful Pasifika students perceive task value?. Australasian Journal of Gifted Education, 25(1), 47-57.

Tait, C. (2012). The Chinese learner in the New Zealand university environment. New Zealand Annual Review of Education, 21, 165-184.

Gleeson, M., & Tait, C. (2012). Teachers as sojourners: Transitory communities in short study-abroad programmes. Teaching and Teacher Education 28(8), 1144-1151

Tait, C. (2010) Chinese student perceptions of the effects of western university examination formats on their learning. Higher Education Quarterly, 64(3) 261-275.

Doyle, S., Gendall, P., Tait, C., Meyer, L., Hoek, J., McKenzie, L., & Loorparg, (2010) An Investigation of Factors Associated With Student Participation in Study Abroad. Journal of Studies in International Education, 14(5) 471-490.

Chapters in books

Tait, C. (2012). The impact of the perceptions of the language demands of essay and multiple-choice questions on examinations on the learning strategies of Chinese students. In J. Avery & M. Stewart Language learning: New Research. (pp.151-168) New York, Nova Science.

Gleeson, M., & Tait, C. (2010) Interaction for learning. In P. Dam & M. Cowart Teaching English Language Learners: An International Perspective. (pp. 172-191) Texas: Texas Women's University.

Tait, C., & Gleeson, M. (2010) Teaching linguistically diverse learners in secondary and tertiary education: students and teachers speak out. In V. Green & S. Cherrington (Eds.). Delving into diversity: an international exploration of issues of diversity in education. (pp. 71-81) New York: Nova Science.

Tait, C. (2009). Assessment and Chinese university students in New Zealand: the impact of perceptions of assessment types on the study habits and motivation of Chinese undergraduate students in a New Zealand university. In L. Meyer, S. Davidson, H. Anderson, R. Fletcher, P. Johnston, M. Rees (Eds) Tertiary assessment & higher education: student outcomes: Research, Policy & Practice. Wellington, New Zealand: Ako Aotearoa.

Bishton, S., Gleeson, M., & Tait, C. (2009). The mathematics teacher as a teacher of language. In Averill, R. & Harvey, R. (Eds). Teaching secondary school mathematics and statistics: Evidence based practice Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research.

Conference papers/presentations

Horsley, J., & Tait, C., (2016). Self-efficacy and high-academic achievement in minority students” (presentation, The International Conference on Excellence, Innovation, Creativity, Basic-Higher Education, Psychology, Rijeka, Croatia, May 11-14, 2016)

Tait, C. (2016). Challenges and opportunities in internationalising assessments. Academic Staff Workshop – Assessment “health check”. Invited presenter Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua, 15-16 February

Tait, C. & Gleeson, M. (2015). Becoming an English Language Teacher: An Intercultural Journey. Poster presented at American Association for Applied Linguistics. Toronto, Canada, 21-24 March

Tait, C. (2014). Teachers as learners: Intercultural experiences in a study-abroad programme. Proceedings of International Conference on International Education for Primary and Secondary Schools: International Exchange and Curriculum Innovation, Taiwan, 24-25 April

Bourke, R., & Tait, C. (2012). How do students use self-assessment to learn in a tertiary institution? Proceedings of the Assessment Symposium 1-3rd September 2011, Wellington retrieved from

Tait, C. (2011). The goal orientations and perceptions of achievement of Chinese undergraduate students in a western university. European Conference on Education Research, Berlin, September, 2011.

Bourke, R., & Tait, C. (2011) How do students use self-assessment in a tertiary institution? Symposium on assessment and learner outcomes, Wellington, 1-3 September.

Tait, C., & Gleeson, M. (2011). Lost in Translation: How do short immersion course for EFL teachers translate into practice? The Korea English Society 2011 KEES International Conference, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Tait, C. (2009). The internationalisation of education: The case of New Zealand. Keynote address presented at International education exchange: Workshop for building cross country school partnership. Puli, Taiwan.

Tait, C. (2009). How do Chinese students see the costs and benefits of study in a New Zealand university? Paper presented at the 18th NZAsia conference, Wellington

Tait, C. (2008). The impact of perceptions of assessment types on the study habits and motivation of Chinese undergraduate students in a New Zealand university. Paper presented at the Symposium on Tertiary Assessment and Higher Education Student Outcomes: Policy, Practice, and Research. 17th-19th November, Dunedin.

Tait, C. (2007). Assessment, motivation and study habits of Chinese students in a New Zealand university. Panel presented at 17th International NZAsia Conference, Dunedin

Tait, C. (2006). Managing cultural diversity in New Zealand secondary schools. Paper presented at CLESOL conference, Napier


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