Liz Jones

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Adjunct Research Fellow School of Education


Teaching in 2019


PhD, BA (Hons), DipEdStuds, Dip Tchg


Liz has worked in education in a variety of roles over the last 40 years. She has been an educational psychologist, primary school teacher and principal, and for the last 15 years a tertiary educator and researcher. Her teaching and research interests include the nature of professional knowledge, the theory and practice of professional development, and assessment practices that promote professional learning. She is also interested in inclusive education - philosophy, policy and practice. Before her retirement in 2017, Liz was Director for the Centre for Academic Development at Victoria and during that perod conducted a number of reviews including of Socratic Teaching in Law, and the student feedback system at Victoria.

Current supervision and research

Liz has an adjunct position in the school, and is currently supervising two PhD students and working with a school team on a research project investigating innovative teaching practices at Victoria. She is currently conducting a stock take of the policies and practices related to academic and research integrity at Victoria.


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Teaching in 2019