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Senior Lecturer School of Education


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BA, MA(App)(Distinc), PhD Vic, DipEdStud (Ed Psych), TTC, AdvDipTchg, Reg Psych, Reg Tchr


Lex has worked as a primary and special education teacher and was also an advisor on special education in the New Zealand Department of Education. He became a psychologist in 1977 and worked in educational and health agencies supporting children and their families in New Zealand and in the UK. At the beginning of the 1990s Lex moved to work in the Auckland region and became an office manager for the Special Education Service. In 1992 he became a senior lecturer at the Wellington College of Education and remained there until 1999 when he was contracted as a consultant to work in the Pacific as a teacher educator and policy adviser. He was appointed to the School of Education Studies at Victoria University in 2002 and became a senior lecturer in 2003. In 2007, he became the postgraduate director in the Faculty of Education, and in 2009 became Head of School for the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, and then in 2012 Associate Dean (academic)

Originally from Christchurch, Lex has lived in various locations including Auckland, Llandrindod Wells (Wales), Wellington, Cook Islands and Samoa. He has one daughter currently lives with his partner and Caesar the big dog. His interests include travelling, and maintenance of properties in Christchurch and Akaroa.

Current research

Research and teaching interests include inclusive education, effective teaching strategies, educational psychology, adult education and training effectiveness. He has written a number of papers in these areas and in 2006 co-authored a book on transfer of learning in the tertiary education context. Lex has a particular interest in Pasifika education issues that relate to training.

Lex has supervised many dissertation, masters and PhD students. He is currently working with students engaged in research concerning transfer of training, expressive arts therapies and behaviour management.

Recently completed research projects

Transfer of training strategies used by NZ and Samoa university lecturers

Evaluation of art therapy programme following Samoan tsunami

Development of a model for expressive arts therapies in a Pacifica context.


Lex is interested in supervising students in the following areas:

Educational psychology, training, professional development/learning, Pasifica issues

List of recent student supervision completions

Sutherland, A. (2006) From Classroom to Prison Cell: Young Offenders' Perception of their School Experience, PhD thesis, Victoria University, 2006.

Kimble, P. MA thesis. Transitioning Out of High School: The Stories of Six Young Disabled People, Victoria University, Wellington, 2007.

Petaia, M. MA thesis. Samoan Educators’ Perceptions and Experiences of In-service Training in Implementing Curriculum Reform Victoria University, 2009.

Starkey, L. PhD thesis. Digital Saviours: Digitally Able Secondary School Teachers in their First Year Of Teaching, PhD thesis, Victoria University, 2010.

Tufue, R PhD thesis. Stakeholders' Perspectives on The Implementation of The Inclusive Education Policy in Samoa: A cultural fit. Victoria University, 2010

Lipene, T. PhD thesis. Samoan Secondary Students in New Zealand: Road to Success, Victoria University, Wellington, 2010.

Yates, A. MEd thesis. Something Old, Something New: Initial Teacher Education in the Online Mode. Victoria University, 2011.

Orban, M MA thesis. Teaching the Duck, the Rabbit, the Eagle and the Squirrel: Teachers’ Talk Differential Instruction. Victoria University, 2012.

Perumanathan, S. PhD thesis. Formative Assessment and Feedback in The Primary Classroom: An Interplay Between Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices. Victoria University, 2014.

Nzilano, J PhD thesis. Influences and Outcomes of Social Constructivist Curriculum Implementation on Tutors’ Beliefs and Practices in Teacher Education Colleges in Tanzania. Victoria University, 2015.

Hamon, M. PhD thesis. The Learning Experiences of New Zealand Secondary School Students With Chronic Health Conditions. Victoria University, 2015.

Hasan, A PhD thesis. Teacher Motivation Perceptions of Indigenous Stakeholders in The Maldives. Victoria University, 2016.

Finau, S. PhD thesis. Women's leadership in traditional villages in Samoa: the cultural, social and religious challenges. Victoria University, 2017.

Recent publications


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Books / Chapters in Books

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