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Lecturer School of Education


Teaching in 2019


PhD DipTchg DipTESOL BA(Hons) Well


Gillian’s eclectic academic background combines academic literature study with a commitment to literacy needs for diverse students. Her PhD thesis was on the ethical virtue of temperance in the work of Edmund Spenser and Shakespeare. She has taught English Curriculum Studies in the Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington since 2003. She has a background in secondary school English teaching, including both literature teaching to scholarship level and support for English language learners and students with high literacy needs. She is committed to an inclusive curriculum for cultural diversity and this is reflected in her post-graduate supervision.

Current research

Gillian’s on-going sixteenth century literature study increasing takes her into the area of ethical pedagogy and textual interpretation.

She is also working on approaches to critical interpretation in senior secondary school and tertiary English and the transition between the two.

Recently completed research projects

Gillian has completed exploratory research projects on text choices for the English classroom, including text choices made by early career teachers from diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • English Literature
  • Education


  • Qualitative.
  • Mixed-methods.

Recently completed supervisions

Master’s thesis completions:

Kalia Lautusi (2016). “Exploring Year 10 Samoan Students’ Experiences of Teaching and Learning in the Mainstream English Classroom.” First supervisor with Dr Cherie Chu.

Anita Titter (2014) “Is adolescents’ progress in reading comprehension served by particular attributional views in addition to learning the reading comprehension strategies of reciprocal teaching?: A mixed-methods intervention study." First supervisor with Dr Michael Johnston.

Mary Ann Meri Arthur Marshall (2012). ‘”She says that I’m good at reading”: A case study of engaged Māori beginning readers." First supervisor.

Current supervisions

Current doctoral thesis students:

Dwi Agustina. “A complex system of teachers’ beliefs and practices in developing learner autonomy in Indonesian junior high school contexts: A mixed-methods study.” First supervisor with Dr Margaret Gleeson

Le Cao Tinh. "Needs analysis of English for mechanical engineers in the Vietnamese context". First supervisor with Dr John Dickie.

Ribut Wahyudi. "Situating English Language Teaching in Indonesia within A Critical, Global Dialogue of Theories: A Case Study of Teaching Argumentative Writing and Cross-Cultural Understanding Courses." Second supervisor with Professor Catherine Manathanga.

Lifang Cui. "Teaching Poetry in Advanced EFL Classrooms in China." First supervisor with Dr Margaret Gleeson

Liana MacDonald. "Teaching from the margins: Navigating critical approaches to text, identity and biculturalism through the lived experiences of Māori English secondary school teachers." First supervisor with Assoc. Professor Joanna Kidman.

Bharathi Vijayan. "Investment and reading practices in English for Academic Purposes classrooms in Malaysia." Second supervisor with Dr Carolyn Tait.

Recent Publications

Cui, L., Hubbard, G., Gleeson, M. (2015). Teaching English poetry to Chinese English majors: A review of articles from 2000-2013. English Teaching: Practice and Critique. 14. (3). pp.270-284.

Hubbard, G. (2014). The Folly of Proverbs and the Mammon of Book II of The Faerie Queene. Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual. 29. pp.315-324.



Teaching in 2019