Anna Strycharz-Banaś

Dr. Anna Strycharz-Banas profile picture

Postdoctoral Research Fellow School of Education


PhD The University of Edinburgh, UK; MA Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

Research Profile

My background is in sociolinguistics and I am interested in the way people in communities of practice develop common understanding of their linguistic (and not only) repertoire. I have also been investigating the concept of belonging and how it is negotiated with the use of (non-)linguistic resources. My current research is on conflict and peace-making in the ECE sector, specifically looking at how it influences belonging and well-being.


Strycharz-Banaś, A. (2018). Us, them and all the others: Analyzing belonging among Japanese immigrant women in the Netherlands. In Cornips, L. & de Rooij, V (Eds.) The Sociolinguistics of Place and Belonging.Perspectives from the margins. (89-114) John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Strycharz-Banaś, A. (2016). In-group marker going out: meaning making in a Community of Practice. Language in Society 45(5), 665-684.

Strycharz-Banaś, A. (2014). Meaning-making in a Community of Practice: local and standard negation among Japanese immigrants in The Netherlands.Tilburg Papers of Culture Studies

Strycharz-Banaś, A. (2013). Negotiating gender and locality: men, women and local honorifics. In McGarry, T. & Elhindi, Y. (Eds.) Gender-linked variation across cultures. Common Ground.

Meyerhoff, M. & Strycharz-Banaś, A. (2013). Communities of Practice (2nd Ed). In Chambers, J. & Schilling-Estes, N. (Eds.)Handbook of Language Variation and Change. Wiley-Blackwell.

Current research project

War and Peace in the Nursery: How do young children negotiate conflict to establish belonging and well-being in a multi-ethnic NZ early childhood centre?

This is a 3-year Marsden-funded project (2017-2020) exploring how language and embodied actions are used to manage conflict and establish a sense of belonging and well-being in an early learning setting. (with Prof Carmen Dalli and Prof Miriam Meyerhoff).

Recently completed project

Dialect levelling in an expatriate community: Exploring Japanese negation in the Netherlands.

This project investigated the use of standard and local Japanese negation in a close-knit community of practice, and how the use of these features are used alongside other resources to (re)negotiate a sense of belonging.