Andrea Milligan

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Associate Dean (Teacher Education) School of Education


Teaching in 2019


PhD, MEd (Distinction) Well, BA, Dip Tchg Cant.


Andrea has a background in social sciences (geography and social studies) education as a teacher, in-service adviser, and resource developer. She researches in a range of areas related to citizenship education, social and environmental justice, and the role of philosophy in education.

Current research

Kids to the Capital: This is a two-year project (2016-2017) investigating how children’s understanding about citizenship can be enhanced through visits to Wellington’s nationally significant institutions. The research is supported with funding from Experience Wellington, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and the New Zealand Electoral Commission (with Dr Sarah Rusholme, Experience Wellington).

Green information systems, local participation, and the Sustainable Development Goals in urban New Zealand: This project explores how spatial analyses could support community-driven, critical and active participation in urban agriculture, and progress towards sustainability goals (with Dr Jocelyn Cranefield and team).

Facing climate change in education: This project consider how climate change education could be enhanced and co-ordinated across the early childhood, school, tertiary and informal education sectors. (with Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie and team)

Research interests

Andrea’s research draws on critical perspectives to explore how education can support people to address complex social and environmental issues. Her recent research explores how local environments and cities can be sites of informal and non-formal learning. She is particularly interested in the intersections between critical thinking, the relational and embodied dimensions of people’s lives, and societal transformation. She is interested in supervising post-graduate and doctoral students in the fields of citizenship, social sciences, sustainability and philosophy education.



Teaching in 2019